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  • On Thursday June 12th, the Planning Department issued a press release regarding the approval of Plan Prince George's 2035.

  • On Tuesday May 6th, the County Council voted to approve Plan Prince George's 2035!  The Resolution of Approval (CR-026-2014) contains the various changes proposed by the Council.

  • On Thursday February 6, 2014, the Planning Board voted to adopt Plan Prince George's 2035.  The Resolution of Adoption (PGCPB No. 14-10) contains the various changes proposed by the Planning Board in response to the public comments received at the November 12, 2013 Joint Public Hearing.  Various attachments were also submitted that are associated with the Resolution of Adoption.

  • On Monday December 16, 2013, the public record was closed regarding submitted testimony.

  • On Tuesday November 12, 2013, a Joint Public Hearing of the County Council and the Planning Board was held at the County Administration Building regarding the preliminary Plan Prince George's 2035 document.

  • On Tuesday October 8, 2013, draft copies of the preliminary Plan 2035 was distributed to seven libraries across the county.  A notice of the Public Hearing was recorded in various county newspapers.


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